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What's New in XMLwriter v2.7

New Features from v2.6

  • Improved validation and transformation performance
  • JavaScript blocks in HTML are now syntax colored
  • File dialogs have been updated

Bugs Fixed from v2.6

  • Fixed crash on network reload that occurred if a file was truncated externally
  • Fixed crash on startup that occurred if Windows Registry corrupted
  • Fixed bug with Firefox external previewing
  • Included workaround for a FileZilla bug which changes filename case

What's New in XMLwriter v2.6

New Features from v2.5

  • Added “Enclose Selection” editing commands to Edit menu.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for “Enclose Selection” editing commands.
  • Keyboard Map is now printable.
  • Added drop down toolbar buttons to Customization dialog.

Bugs Fixed from v2.5

  • Fixed a problem with group references in top-level element definitions when generating XML from a Schema.
  • Fixed a rare crash when Recent Projects menu was empty.
  • Fixed multi-monitor issues.
  • Improved intuitiveness of Entry Helper behavior.
  • Improved Entry Helper behavior when entering attributes.
  • Fixed bug which made it difficult to enter numerical entities such as  
  • Improved handling of very large files.

What's New in XMLwriter v2.5

New Features from v2.4

  • Improved XSLT Entry Helper. It is now easier to work between xsl: and non-xsl: elements without switching options.
  • Entry Helpers for XSL files now include HTML tags.
  • New command in File menu called Reload. The command reloads the active document.
  • New command in File menu called Display Startup Dialog.
  • New command on the right-click menu in the XML document window called Split Element. The command splits the current element into two.
  • In the Startup dialog box a list of recent projects and recent documents is now displayed.
  • Updated Xerces and Xalan plug-ins.

Bugs Fixed from v2.4

  • Fixed problem when inserting an entity from the entities Entry Helper which resulted in the cursor position one space too far to the right.
  • Fixed problem when iterating through subsequent finds using F3. The highlighted text was not always shown on the screen if the found text was near the beginning of a line.
  • Fixed dual screen issues on systems running Windows XP. The Entry Helpers always appeared on the primary monitor. There were also some problems with the Project View on some dual screen systems.
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking on an empty space on the tab bar and selecting Send.
  • Fixed crash when using parameter entities in INCLUDE/IGNORE sections in a DTD.
  • Fixed crash when assigning a DTD/XSD/XSLT/CSS to a Read-Only file.
  • If the line end encoding is changed, the document is now marked as modified so that the changes can be saved.

What's New in XMLwriter v2.4

New Features from v2.3

  • Error messages improved during validation and transformation
  • Entry Helpers now include entities

Bugs Fixed from v2.3

  • Tab settings are now conserved after Auto-Format
  • Improvements to Auto-Format algorithm
  • Fixed crash when 'Show full paths in Project View' option was selected with no project open
  • Fixed TagBar crash when a URL was opened that was not a DTD/XML Schema file
  • Could not switch out of full screen mode if last file closed was in full screen mode
  • When selecting 'Add files to folder' in Project View in a specific folder (eg. Stylesheets), only relevant file types are now shown
  • The 'Show Tabs for Open Documents' option would reset upon restarting XMLwriter
  • Fixed bug when re-ordering User Tools in the User Tools dialogue box

What's New in XMLwriter v2.3

New Features from v2.2

  • Error messages improved during validation and transformation
  • Entry Helper text now wraps around the current selection (if any)
  • Full paths can now be displayed in the Project View
  • CTRL-Space now activates the Entry Helpers

Bugs Fixed from v2.2

  • Could not load an XSD into TagBar when a plug-in was active
  • Implemented a workaround for some problems in the Xalan processor
  • Could not add more than approx 20 files at a time to a project

What's New in XMLwriter v2.2

New Features from v2.13

  • New plug-in parser architecture allows native validation and transformation using parsers other than MSXML
  • Entry Helpers now allow selection from a list of enumerated values where appropriate
  • Error messages can now be copied to the clipboard from the Error View
  • User Tool outputs and Find in Files outputs can now be copied to the clipboard

Bugs Fixed from v2.13

  • Fixed namespace issues when generating XML from an XML Schema
  • Fixed problems with stale data after running a 16 bit console application as a User Tool
  • Fixed problems with re-opening a project on startup accessed via a UNC path
  • Enabled horizontal scrollbar in Find in Files output pane
  • Fixed some issues with Schema to DTD conversion

What's New in XMLwriter v2.13

Bugs Fixed from v2.12

  • DTD to XSD conversion incorrectly handled attributes with a set of enumerated choices, when all integers
  • Fixed problems with auto formatting of Processing Instructions
  • Fixed crash when double clicking on an error in a document loaded from a URL or which had been deleted
  • Fixed error "Schema declaration for namespace 'urn-schemas-microsoft-com:xml-data' is not found." when loading an XDR schema into TagBar
  • Improved focus behavior of Find and Replace dialogues
  • Added detection of MSXML4 upgrade and automatic activation

New in XMLwriter v2.12

Bugs Fixed from v2.11

  • Fixed resource leaks in Explorer View
  • Minor improvements to Generate Schema function
  • Changed xml:stylesheet to xml-stylesheet throughout program
  • Improved CSS syntax coloring, added X11 color names

New in XMLwriter v2.11

New Features from v2.1

  • Added Custom color option in Format Options color picker

Bugs Fixed from v2.1

  • NMTOKEN attributes were ignored when generating XML from a DTD
  • Improved handling of mixed elements when converting a DTD to XML Schema
  • Default values for some attributes did not convert correctly when converting a DTD to XML Schema
  • Improved datatype inference when converting a DTD to XML Schema
  • Fixed problems opening files in XMLwriter from Explorer on some systems
  • Fixed some minor icon problems in explorer

New in XMLwriter v2.1

New Features from v2.0

  • Added Ctrl Backspace - delete previous word - to editor functions
  • Added Ctrl Delete - delete next word - to editor functions
  • Added Find in Files command to the main toolbar
  • New preference to select whether to display PCDATA nodes in TagBar
  • Handling of recursion in DTDs and XML Schemas improved in TagBar and Entry Helpers
  • The current selection in the active document is now used to initialize the Find in Files dialogue box
  • Included new error messages related to MSXML installation problems

Bugs Fixed from v2.0

  • TagBar and Entry Helpers sometimes crashed when handling a recursive DTD/XML Schema
  • XMLwriter would crash when generating XML from a DTD if an element was referenced but not defined in the DTD
  • MSXML4 is no longer shown in the parser selection option if it is not installed
  • Unload TagBar command was missing from TagBar context menu in Flat layout mode
  • Generating XML from an XML Schema inserted a DOCTYPE declaration into the output instead of a Schema reference
  • Cancel button did not work when browsing for a folder in the Find in Files dialogue box
  • Choices in TagBar sometimes showed an incomplete content model

New in XMLwriter v2.0

Major New Features from v1.x

Version 2.0 contains many upgrades and new features from v1.x. Some of the main new features include:

  • Intelligent Entry Helpers to assist in editing documents
  • Code Snippets for frequently used text
  • Validation support for W3C XML Schema (XSD)
  • DTD and XSD support in TagBar
  • Flat layout mode and Tree layout mode in TagBar
  • DTD conversion to XSD Schema and vice-versa
  • Generate sample XML from DTD/XML Schema
  • Easy assignment of a DTD, XML Schema, and XSL stylesheet to XML files
  • Ability to jump to any file referenced in an XML document
  • Auto-completion of tag pairs
  • Auto-formatting of tags
  • New Tree View display
  • Project files are now in XML format
  • Project properties allow global or local override for XSLT stylesheet selection
  • New command to zip and email a project
  • New and improved right-click menus and other GUI improvements
  • New Find in Files feature
  • New example files

...the complete feature list

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