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Professional Visual Basic 6 XML

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This manuscript is an abridged version of a chapter from the Wrox Press book Visual Basic 6 XML. This is chapter 4 which looks at XPath for querying a document, XSLT for transforming a document, styling a document with Cascading Style Sheets and styling a document by using transformations (XSLT) .

Professional Visual Basic 6 XML shows the VB community how to take advantage of XML technology and the available (free-to-use) implementations. The flexible and standards-based data description that XML provides can be used in a myriad of places where VB programmers are active. Think of 'Passing complex data from one application to another' (importing data from other systems is a very common enterprise scenario), 'Passing data from the client to the server in a multi-tier environment', 'Storing your user settings or user documents in your own XML format'. All ways in which XML can be employed within your VB development environment to increase speed and long term efficiency, are just some of the topics covered in depth in Professional VB XML. For further details about the book, and other books in our range, visit the Wrox Press Web Site.

For more information and details of our full range visit our main sites at Wrox USA or Wrox Europe. To contact us with any comments or suggestions about our Web site, e-mail to: feedback@wrox.com.

1999 Wrox Press Ltd.

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