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XMLwriter Plug-ins

Starting with version 2.2, XMLwriter now supports plug-ins. This feature allows you to use different parsers to validate documents or perform XSLT transformation. The first plug-in pack available for download is the Xerces/Xalan plug-in. More plug-ins will be made available soon.

Xalan/Xerces Plug-in >>

The Xalan/Xerces plug-in allows you to validate documents using Xerces 2.8 and perform XSLT transformations using Xalan 1.10. Xalan and Xerces are produced by the Apache Software Foundation.

File Size: 1.55 MB

Installing the Xalan/Xerces Plug-in

  1. Download the file to a temporary directory.
  2. Ensure XMLwriter is not running.
  3. Run XalanPluginSetup.exe
  4. Follow the installation wizard.

Activating the Xalan/Xerces Plug-in

  1. In XMLwriter select Options... from the Tools menu.
  2. Under Tools > Validation > Validation Engine select Xerces 2.8
  3. Under Tools > XSLT > XSLT Engine select Xalan 1.10
  4. Click OK and Xerces and Xalan will now be activated.

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