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MSXML Updates


MSXML is the software component of Microsoft Internet Explorer that provides it with its core XML functionality. MSXML has been integrated into XMLwriter to perform validation and XSL transformation. We chose to use MSXML as it is one of the fastest and most robust XML parsers available. XMLwriter is not, however, limited to the MSXML parser. We have created plug-ins and User Tools, so that users can interface other XML/XSL parsers.

MSXML Updates

Microsoft releases MSXML updates regularly to conform with the ever-changing XML specifications. These updates can be integrated into XMLwriter at any time, without downloading a new version of XMLwriter.

XMLwriter supports the latest MSXML (XML Core) release and will continue to support each MSXML release as it becomes available.

Update MSXML >>  MSXML **Please EXIT XMLwriter before updating**
File Size: 1.5 MB (msxml6.msi)

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